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Water Mirror of Bordeaux

It is the typical postcard of Bordeaux. The obligatory photograph

what to take when visiting this incredible city.

It is said that it was inspired by St. Mark's Square in Venice, since when this square floods, it creates its magnificent reflection in the water. And like beautiful things, it is worth seeing them twice, since the Plaza de la Bolsa doubles in this postcard-worthy setting.

Its more than 3 thousand square meters make it the largest artificial water mirror in the world, and there are also thousands of people who gather daily, especially between the spring and summer months, to enjoy the water on the coldest days. hot; or simply to take a photograph that arouses the envy of many.

Tips for a good photograph:
  • Please note that the Water Mirror does not operate in the colder months, only some weeks in spring, all summer and some weeks in autumn.

  • Operating hours range from 10 am to 11 pm.

  • The best time of day is when the sun is at an angle that does not directly reflect its rays onto the water.

  • On the hottest summer days you will have hundreds of people on the Mirror, so it will be very difficult to take a photograph without people around.

  • The water level rises every 15 minutes, and then falls again every 15 minutes.

  • Also try a low angle shot from almost the surface of the water.

  • Remember that not only can you take advantage of the reflection of the Plaza de la Bolsa, if you turn, you can also have very attractive landscapes reflected in the water.

  • At night is a good idea since you get a lot of reflected lights too.

  • And lastly, smile! You are in one of the most beautiful squares in Europe and in the most photographed setting in Bordeaux and the entire Aquitaine region.

On your trip to Bordeaux, don't forget to spend a good time at the Water Mirror; because sitting for a while simply watching so many people enjoying the water becomes one of those moments that are worth it when traveling. A moment of relaxation on a sunny day, while you watch how many children have fun in the Water Mirror and while you have the certainty of being in a setting with a lot of life, a lot of movement and a very beautiful landscape.

Water Mirror of Bordeaux. Surface: 3,450 square meters. Water capacity: 850 cubic meters. Inauguration date: 2006. Architect: Michel Corajoud.

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