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  • What is the Free Tour format like?
    It's called Free Tour because we don't set a fixed price for our tour. Tourists are the ones who set the price they think is convenient according to the experience they receive.
  • Are pets allowed on the tours?
    The pets are welcome as long as they are pets that meet the general rules regarding pet ownership. We love dogs! These must go with a collar and with their master at all times. If they are breeds established for the use of a muzzle, they must also carry it. Cats, cockatoos and goldfish are welcome too. If you come with a turtle, we expect it to walk a little faster than normal so as not to slow down the group.
  • Is it accessible for people with reduced mobility?
    Bordeaux is a city with a very large old town, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but unfortunately its sidewalks are not wide enough for comfortable wheelchair traffic. However, we have done some tours with people in wheelchairs and many with pushchairs without major inconvenience. As Bordeaux has an important medieval area, several of its streets do not have smooth pavement but cobblestones, something that must also be taken into account. It may not be something that comfortable, but it is indeed possible. Additionally, sometimes our guides can adapt the tour a bit to make it easier for wheelchairs, to avoid stairs for example.
  • What are the meeting times and points?
    The hours vary according to the season of the year. And the meeting point will be in the center of the city in easily accessible places such as next to the Grand Theater (Plaza de la Comedia and Cale Chapeau Rouge) or at the Monument to the Girondins (Esplanade de Quinconces). This exact information will be provided to you at the time of booking, if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Walk Is Free

Starting place of our free tour:
Next to the Great Theater, on
Cours du Chapeau-Rouge street.

A tour in the morning 9:00 a.m.
A tour in the afternoon 4:00 p.m.

Bordeaux - Francia



Administrative address:

3 avenue Victor Hugo, 163

33110 Le Bouscat.

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